Just out – new journal article: ‘The local turn in peace building: A critical agenda for peace’

27 Jun

A new journal article co-written with Oliver Richmond is just out:

‘The local turn in peace building: A critical agenda for peace’ (2013) Third World Quarterly 34(5): 763-83.



This article unpacks the renaissance of interest in ‘the local’ in peace building. It pays increased attention to local dimensions of peace in a wider context of increased assertiveness by local actors as well as a loss of confidence by major actors behind international peace-support actors. The article sees the ‘local turn’ in peace building as part of a wider critical turn in the study of peace and conflict, and focuses on the epistemological consequences of the recourse to localism in the conceptualisation and execution of peace building. The local turn has implications for the nature and location of power in peace building. This article is largely conceptual and theoretical in nature but it is worth noting that the local turn is based on reactions to real-world events.

If you would like a pdf copy, then please =just email me at roger.macginty@manchester.ac.uk


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