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Why I will be voting YES in the Scottish independence referendum

23 Jul

Because government should be as close to people as possible.

Because I believe in a written constitution where I can see my rights.

Because I believe the National Health Service and the Welfare State will be better protected.

Because I believe in free Higher Education (it was good enough for a cabinet of Tory millionaires so it is good enough for you and me).

Because Scotland can be plural, inclusive and welcoming to minorities.

Because the debate on Scottish independence is entirely peaceful.

Because an independent Scotland would not have nuclear weapons.

Because the current constitutional settlement is broken.

Because London-based parties really don’t give a stuff about you or me.

Because I simply don’t believe that the sky will fall in if there is independence (sorry Gordon Brown but you are wrong).

Because there is less likelihood of becoming embroiled in stupid unwinnable overseas wars.

Because I will no longer have to listen to a British Foreign Minister chiding Palestinian ‘terrorists’ while Israel kills hundreds of Palestinians.

Of course, I am not so naïve to believe that the sun will shine every day – this is Scotland after all. But I am confident that this is not the nationalism of violence and exclusion. Instead it is chance to re-calibrate a series of relationships between citizens, and between citizens and government. It is a chance to be open, plural and progressive.