New Journal Article: ‘Social Peace versus Security Peace’ Global Governance 22, (2016), pp. 491-512

14 Nov

A new journal article by myself (and Madhav Joshi and SungYong Lee) has been published. Email: if you would like a pdf copy


This article examines the extent to which contemporary peace accords are orientated toward social or security concerns by drawing on data from the Peace Accords Matrix that comprises thirty-four comprehensive agreements signed in the post−Cold War period. Key findings confirm that, while social aspects of peace have been widely emphasized in many academic studies, formal peace processes are still largely focused on a security agenda in terms of peace accord provisions and implementation priorities. Although social peace has received increased emphasis in recent peace accords, more attention in contemporary peacebuilding is still given to security peace. KEYWORDS: social peace, security peace, peace accords, the liberal peace.


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