The implications of Brexit for UK universities:

5 Jul

1. Once freedom of movement comes to an end there will be the immediate expulsion of all UK universities from European funding streams (happened to Switzerland). So: Less research and collaboration.
2. EU students – who are brave enough to come to the UK after the message Brexit sends out – will need visas and will probably decide it’s not worth the bother. So: declining class sizes and redundancies, and a massive boost for German and Dutch universities.
3. Staff from EU countries (and there are very, very many) will need a visa. Many will calculate that they would be more welcome in the EU and leave. So: a brain-drain.
4. Potential research collaborators from the EU will think twice about including UK partners in research projects. So: less cutting edge research, and much less collaboration.
5. Spending cuts (already promised by Osborne). So: less money to teach and do research.

But at least an internal Tory party row has been sorted out.


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