Stuff from me

19 Nov

Two outputs from me:

The first is a 10 minute YouTube clip of me talking about the EU and Peacebuilding at an ACCESS Europe event in Amsterdam in October 2015:

The second is a link to a series of working papers – mine is no. 23 “Political versus sociological time: The fraught world of timelines and deadlines”

This paper is a conceptual scoping of the construction and maintenance of time in peace processes. It argues that the temporal
dimensions of peacemaking are culturally specific constructions that go beyond scalar or measurable time. The various constructions of time
merge, coexist, and impinge on each other to form hybrid conceptualisations and practices of time. This paper concentrates on what are probably the two most important conceptualisations of time in relation to peace processes: political time and sociological time. Political time pertains to formalised concepts of time that are often constructed and maintained by military
and political elites. It may include dates for elections, the timing of ceasefires, or deadlines for peace negotiations. Sociological time refers to non-elite concepts of time that may revolve around the everyday activities of family life, work, and cultural pursuits.


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